Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability, and the practice of being aware of and understanding both your, and other people’s feelings when taking actions and making decisions.

What is the benefit of Emotional intelligence?

Your IQ may well factor in getting you your job, but it is your EI will get you promoted.

Why? This is because EI will make you effective with others. Intelligence alone does not make for a good team leader or a team player – two things that all employers value and reward.

Leveraging Emotional intelligence can increase and improve on:

  • task success interdepartmental relations
  • trust
  • group dynamics
  • team morale

Leadership Development

How long are Leadership Development programmes / are they consecutive?

Programmes last between two and seven days, depending on the degree of depth sought. The days can be run so sequentially or, as many companies prefer a day per month.

What core modules are included in a TBL Leadership Development programme?

Typically, in addition to custom elements, the following modules are covered:

  • Talent development
  • Context of Leadership
  • Trust
  • EI and influence
  • Coaching / Goal setting
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Presenting with impact Developing teams
  • Business strategy
  • Process improvement

What is Leadership development?

Leadership development increases an individual’s capability in aligning others to the goals and objectives of the organisation. Starting with the leader as self, moving on to their interaction with others and finally dertmining how this is applied to the organisation, TBL programmes create leaders who can make a real difference, leveraging the talents of their staff to meet the business’s needs.

What is the benefit of Leadership development

Good leaders create organisations. In a world where advantage is people rather than system driven, leadership is essential in maximising the contribution people make.

“I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers”. Ralph Nader

Who in my organisation are Leadership Development programmes for?

Leadership development programmes are attended by all those either leading or with the aspiration to formally lead others. Programmes are generally streamed to accommodation the level of attendees – from executive through to general management and team leader. With in-house programmes we will agree and appropriate level.

This will ensure the right amount of stretch and relevance to the environment. With open programmes we will advise as to the fit of leader with programme. That said everyone has at least one person to lead – them self!

Teambuilding Programmes

Do people enjoy your Teambuilding Programmes?

They have a great time – for many one of their peak work experiences.

How long do Teambuilding Programmes last?

TBL currently run:

  • One day Teambuilding Programmes
  • Two day Teambuilding Programmes
  • Three day residential Teambuilding Programmes

How would we go about organising Teambuilding Programme with TBL?

Give us a call and we will discuss your needs. Visit our contact channel, where you’ll find our telephone numbers, submit an enquiry or request a call back.

We will then give a costed proposal to consider. No obligation.

Should all departments complete a Teambuilding program?

Where interaction with others is essential, development of skills and agreement as to how to achieve this as invaluable.

Should we complete a Teambuilding program every year?

A good team may only need to determine and realign to its ongoing objectives. This on its own however may provide a much greater output for a lesser input.

What is Teambuilding

Teambuilding is about achieving collaborative advantage within an organisation. Processes in organisations are rarely unique for long. Teams can be. Effective teams get better results with less. They can work seamlessly across boundaries to deliver extraordinary outputs.

What is the benefit of Teambuilding

Good teams will deliver results across organisations with the least possible resistance. Team building ensures that effectiveness is optimised.

What type of activities are included in Teambuilding Programmes?

Depending on the group, they range from exercise in rigid inflatables (RiBs) on the Clyde to adventurous scenarios on loch Tay and surrounding areas. Whatever exercises they are, they all have a purpose and require different element of team work.

Activities may include:

  • Indoor based
  • Land Based
  • Water based
  • Outdoor development