A leader knows what’s best to do; a manager knows merely how best to do it.
Ken Adelman
‘Lead people – manage things’

Leadership Development and Management Development together deliver Organisational Development. Managers / leaders are charged with the stewardship of organisations. This requires constant development of processes and the alignment of employees behind the organisations purpose.

It is not enough to assume the role of leader, it should be purposefully enacted. The TBL High Performance Leadership Programme has been proven over a number of years. It is constantly developed, keeping astride of current thinking and the context in which leaders operate. Leadership courses run in Scotland, Europe and now the Middle East help leaders realise their potential.


  • seeing things differently
  • then thinking about things differently
  • then doing things differently
  • and finally reflecting on their actions

At TBL we stimulate leaders to see and think differently. We recognize that it is the key component to the success of an organization. Good leadership is required throughout an organisation.

This integrated leadership approach must be accompanied by high levels of awareness. This requires what we call emotional literacy. This is a critical starting point – without this we do not function successfully as leaders or as organisations.

TBL helps to deliver high levels of awareness in individuals and organisations.

Ultimately this awareness is reflected in to two critical features:
‘Character’ – what a person is
‘Competence’ – what a person can do.

We help leaders to connect with their character and develop their competencies through a series of powerful learning experiences.