‘Inspirational, thought provoking, a breakthrough in my thinking’ – some of the words to describe our 2 day coach development programme.

Delivered by highly qualified and experienced coaches, experienced in the training of others, this course is designed to:

  • Provide a clear understanding or the role of coaching, practically understood and differentiated from training and telling
  • Develop an understanding of the aspirant coaches signature presence; there preferred style and how to engage this to advantage with their client
  • Understanding of key principles and propositions behind a coaching approach
  • Advanced empathy and listening with 360 questioning
  • Provide a proven range of coaching techniques, each clearly described and practiced, including amongst others: STOP, Positive Verb, Skill / Will, 3Rs, 3D, AID and the old favourite GROW
  • Develop an understanding and application of ‘Inner Game’ Principles for positive psychology
  • Diagnostic tools to assist coaches identifying development opportunities

The programme is rich in content, varied and practically delivered to develop both flexible coaches able to continue their personal development.

Management and Executive Coaching

TBL also offers 1 to 1 coaching at all levels within the businesses. With highly qualified coaches and proven track record for successfully helping others, we offer a range of services from one to one sessions through to executive assignments.

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Personal Orientation and Development Planning
Core Components of Leadership
Specialist Leadership Components