Coupled to the Talent Development component, this session contributes to the initial residential. Comfortable interaction between participants adds great value to the whole learning experience.

The first half day is focused on understanding one self in preparation for the programme ahead. It includes a clear differentiation between leadership and management and a model to help participants understand that leadership comes from them as a person. Thus to develop leadership required a personal journey. The session uncovers the preferred personal learning style, their implications to the individual and how to use the programme based on the style or styles.

Leaders then look at vision and values and the creation of a visionary organisation. Leaders will develop their own vision and uncover their personal values. These can then be tested against the role of leadership. Successful organisations have a very clear sense of purpose, vision and values also. This vision must be congruent with that of senior management to be realised. We look into these areas using a tried and tested process which participants can transfer into their organisation.


Personal Orientation and Development Planning
Core Components of Leadership
Specialist Leadership Components