Our modern world challenges us with ever bigger, complex ‘wicked’ problems.

OUTTHINKING is an exciting and thought provoking approach to thinking through challenges and finding solutions

Working with our partners, City of Glasgow College, we will help you consider afresh your approach to thinking and problem solving.

Using a multi million pound nautical simulator, you will work in small teams to solve real time problems as part of an off-shore lifeboat crew.

After each scenario there will be reflection, input and use of our ‘Thinking Boards’ to develop the teams approach and  improve performance in the subsequent scenarios.

We relate the experiential learning and all the models back to decisions and thinking in an organisational context.

Utilising some of the latest learning technologies in a safe, collaborative environment, this immersive, fun and challenging workshop will enable the participants to:

  • Gain experience using a range of thinking styles
  • Develop personal thinking techniques with the confidence to use them
  • Consider the application to current or future business challenges

Some other examples of what this workshop could assist with :

  • Developing teams
  • Developing leadership
  • Wicked problem solving
  • Strategy
  • Supporting Innovation
  • Product Development
  • Service Development
  • New team kick-off
  • Project team initiation