“Throughout a career in professional sport, I had worked with a number of coaches who had enabled me to perform to a high level within a pressurised environment. When moving careers, I was introduced to Oliver and became interested to see the differences in the role of a coach. However, the way Oliver works is remarkably similar to many of the most successful sporting coaches. He focuses on performance outcomes and helps me to set goals with those ends in mind. His mixture of empathy, understanding and directness has been an enormous help to me when making the transition between top level sport and business.”
Jonny Petrie, Scotland Rugby International (45 Caps and twice Captain)

It is now universally agreed that good coaching can bring about a step change in an individuals performance. Coaching has moved from the sporting arena where it has long been appreciated and is now applied at many levels within organisations. Coaching, as an approach to developing staff, has become a mainstream leadership competence.

Executive and High Performance Coaching is a profession in its own right. The level of knowledge, understanding and experience required usually necessitates someone from outside the organisation. Additionally, it is often easier for individuals to challenge themselves with an outside specialist whom they can ensure confidentiality.

TBL operates a highly effective coaching practice, bringing into play years of experience in the field of personal development.

We work with our clients progressively:

  • Contracting to agree outcomes with the sponsor organisation (if appropriate) and client
  • Gathering information and data as to where the client is
  • Action planning to create an achievable map
  • Implementation phase to ensure actions are delivered
  • Evaluation of where have we got to and benefits derived

The journey

Everyone carries numerous life skills, many applied on their journey to date.

  • We help individuals to understand, develop and apply their innate skills and abilities
  • We help individuals clarify the future they seek to meet their personal and business needs
  • We empower people to establish and take the steps towards this future

Applying powerful metaphors in coaching

Our coaching is about real change. Accordingly, after and initial chemistry and ‘contracting’ meet, we often suggest our first client session be held somewhere inspirational of the change sought. We have lots of ideas for this! In addition to building the essential coach / client relationship and establishing mutual trust, this session will also:

  • move us from our present reality to thinking about the future
  • establish goals and objectives
  • understand our ‘inner game’ required to meet these
  • bring into focus the real potential for change in all of us

Subsequent sessions will be in-house or at an appropriate location

Coaching credentials

Experience is essential to coaching however we also insist coaches have a rigorous understanding of their subject area. That is why all coaches we work with hold formal qualifications in coaching and other helping modalities. Our preferred qualification is the Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching.

How we work

Our Competence – our coaches are qualified and collectively hold a broad portfolio of organisational experience to match executive needs.

Communication – we agree outcomes and feed back throughout the process. We will be honest and open and listen to understand your needs

Our Character – we work to strict ethical code laid out by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and have a comprehensive set of values and skills that we ensure all coaches are consistent with

Consistency – we operate a rigorous internal process to ensure that best practices are maintained throughout

Delivering on promises – we deliver on our promises and work in ways to continually enhance confidence in us

“In my responsibility for running a 1000 person company in the UK to deliver complex high technology projects for customers, I frequently compare how I lead, motivate and engage in the work environment to my sporting activity in offshore sailing. In leading an offshore sailing crew of 12 people the team members need to have a strong mutual trust and confidence as they strive for ever greater performance in an environment of personal discomfort and danger. This resilience is tested to the limits in situations such as the 2007 Fastnet race where the conditions and the competition come together to require exceptional levels of teamwork to succeed.

I have always applied the learning and development I get from my workplace back to my sporting activities and vice-versa. I am a strong believer that the team dynamics that make a successful high performance sporting team are the same dynamics that create a high performance organisation. In working with Oliver Crane I have been able to develop these ideas further and see ways forward to build a ever stronger teams. Oliver’s insight into what allows teams to build successful working relationships and to develop ways of achieving objectives beyond their individual experience is inspirational. His experience and coaching methods have allowed me to think further about the how I can use my workplace and sporting challenges to achieve even better performing company and sailing team”.
Paul McNamara, Director, Ricardo and Skipper of Incognito