TBL has many years experience assisting the hands-on development of organisational systems.

This can be through the training of client staff or facilitation applied with education to co-improve processes.  We work with small training interventions right through to project delivery and support.

Our aim is always to create self sufficiency. The range of workshops within this field is large and best discussed, however some examples are linked below.

Process Improvement Teams

Given the right support and management, Performance Improvement Teams can make a radical difference to organisational output in a short time, saving literally thousands of pounds.

Process Mapping

The creation of visible representation of activities within and around any process. These maps can be interrogated as to the nature of their contribution and subsequent improvements made.

Lean Sigma Workshop

This popular mixture of Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Tools is run over 2 days.   It is the ideal introduction for a scientifcic approach to process improvement and development.  Elements coverd include:


  • Concepts behind Six Sigma
  • Understanding sigma
  • DMAIC process
  • Defects and defective / defect opportunities
  • DPM
  • Y = f(x) – output as a function of inputs and variables
  • Voice of customer
  • Hidden factory
  • Lean concepts
  • Process mapping
  • Costing
  • Value stream mapping
  • Process improvement
  • What is a sigma?
  • Variation
  • Deviation
  • Grouping
  • Upper and lower limits
  • Voice of process
  • Presenting data
  • Standard deviation