“Developing teams of experts into expert teams”

This teambuilding programme is delivered in one of a number of venues with whom we have alliances. A favourite for many is the Kenmore Hotel, Perthshire, Tayside, Scotland. It is especially suited to teams who would like a programme with a land based adventure theme. It is equally suited to all seasons of the year, indeed winter provides something quite unique with a mixture of snowy landscapes by day and log fires by night.

Kenmore also provides us with access to the 30,000 acre Bolfracks Estate. Physically this programme is suitable for the majority of organisational groups. Specific exercises vary to suit the time of year. However always included are a number of major initiative tasks requiring complex planning and continuous review and re-planning mirroring the complexities of organisational life.

As with all our programmes, it offers a mixture of practical team development, reviews, a little theory against which to position the team, and specific sessions to cover business issues and integrate the programme with the day to day activities of the team.


To develop a high performance team including:

  • The development of a collaborative and supportive climate
  • An ability to apply and enact team processes
  • To create an understanding of individual contribution types and how these can be effectively applied
  • To appreciate individual and group decision making process, when to apply each and how to deliver each
  • Develop effective communication strategies

Example of activities undertaken over 2 to 3 day programme

Developing the self:

  • Understanding your own and others style
  • Developing personal and team influence
  • Understanding your impact on the team and how to manage this to best team advantage
  • Using team process skills and how to apply
  • Inter member feedback, how I see myself and others see me
  • Personal action plan

Team development experiential exercises can include:

  • Exercises to simulate the application of different roles and the involvement of others
  • Complex problem solving with a construction theme
  • Communication based scenario on Bolfracks or throughout Taymouth Castle Estate
  • Inflatable raft based challenges (not the ‘build your own’ type), with multiple sub teams collaborating to a common goal
  • Team challenge to skill up and carry out a major task such as a valley crossing or similar
  • Team development plans

Integration with work:

  • Establishing commonality of goal
  • Inter member support requirements
  • Enactment of inter member support
  • Individual and team actions
  • Business related issues facilitated as required
  • Taking our team forward