“…we learn 5% of what we hear, 15% of what we see, but 80% of what we
Gordon Dryend and Dr Jeannette Vos

Experiential exercise should be seen as a means to an ends. Carefully designed tasks provide cameos of real life situations that can be worked through to their conclusion within closed time frames. These include the consequences from not just an organisational perspective but also from an interpersonal and emotional one – just as in work.

The results, feeling, emotions and consequences of our actions are immediate.

Exercises provide a wonderfully rich set of experiences and metaphors against which to discuss and develop behaviour. Participants can together develop interactive skills and understanding relevant to their needs which when properly facilitated, is easily transferable to life. The lack of everyday task knowledge renders the established approach irrelevant, allowing the opportunity for fresh approaches. It is here that we find change occurring.

Experiential tasks can range from practical indoor tasks, to gentle outdoor exercise or more adventurous challenges. The variables determining this include personal choice, course objectives, location etc.

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