“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
Michael Jordan

Based on Isle of Cumbrae this is a signature TBL programme receiving rave reviews time after time form participants and sponsors alike.

Meticulously designed to encompass the essence of what makes experiential development so effective, this programme has a lasting legacy and is for many and epiphany in their development.

The programme provides a backdrop against which people challenge their thinking, feelings and behavior.  Run in a challenging, caring, professional and intensive learning environment, participants are reminded of what it is like to achieve great things.

Typical objectives

Personal development

  • Understand what makes us ‘tick’ personally, what works for us and what we should work on!
  • Understanding your impact on the team and how to manage this to best team advantage
  • Developing personal and team influence
  • How I see myself and others see me
  • Using team process skills effectively
  • Personal development path

Team Goals

  • To develop a high performance team including:
  • The development of a collaborative and supportive climate
  • An ability to apply and enact team processes
  • Understanding individual contribution types and how these can be effectively applied
  • Decision making processes
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Business themes as agreed in design

Integration with work

  • Establishing commonality of goal / vision
  • Enactment of inter member support
  • Individual and team actions
  • Business related issues facilitated as required
  • Developing a team plan

Experiential learning tools

  • Complex problem solving tasks requiring both strategy and planning
  • Communication exercises carrying out a complex scenario and with multiple teams
  • Development of task skills in a team coaching environment

The flexibility of both ourselves and the venue means that whatever the teams needs, we will take the time to understand and deliver a course with a lasting legacy.

Cumbrae Challenge

Programmes may culminate in the ‘Cumbrae Challenge’.  A complex team takes that really emphasises what High Perforamnce Teams are capable of.

Preparation and delivery includes key elements that any team need:

  • Strategy development
  • Planning
  • Personal committment and application to a common goal
  • Unstoppable teamwork
  • Energy
  • Brilliant communication

The challenge is loaded in metaphors of the business world